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Striving for Perfection - Pro-Athlete Vegans

Striving for Perfection - Pro-Athlete Vegans


Summer is almost here! If you are a big sports fan, you probably know that many athletes are gearing up for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The NBA is narrowing down its teams in its playoff games and the NFL just had its draft and team tryouts. 

Tammara Thibeault is a 24-year-old vegan boxer who is intensely training for the Tokyo games and hopes to encourage others that you can train at your highest levels on a plant-based diet. The Canadian boxer just signed on as an official ambassador for Vejii, the online marketplace for vegan and plant-based food products.

Vegan athlete Justin Fields recently got drafted in the first round to the NFL's Chicago Bears. And now the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets’ DeAndre Jordan of the NBA has just landed a new vegan cooking show called “Cooking Clean,” which debuted May 30. In each of the eight episodes, he will cook alongside plant-based chefs, which will air on PlayersTV as the first vegan cooking show.

Jordan has been a big proponent of eating plant based and incorporates his love for veganism and the environment in a brand he created called Mindful Life. Cooking Clean, which is made in partnership with Bounty paper towels, Beyond Meat and Eat Just (maker of JUST Egg), can be found on SamsungTV+, XUMO, Sling, Roku, and Vizio. 

“The concept of cooking clean is to show people how easy it is and make it less intimidating in the kitchen for people like myself who want to try a different diet,” said Jordan in a video on PlayersTV's Twitter channel.

Jordan, who is all smiles and fun on the show, admitted he tried to make kimchi fried rice in his own kitchen after trying it on "Cooking Clean" with a chef. 

Recently another group of olympic and pro-athletes signed on to the “Very Good” Athlete Challenge by plant-based company Very Good Butchers. The goal is to encourage other athletes to go vegan for a week and “smash the stereotype that plant-based diets cannot support active lifestyles.”  

With more athletes flexing their muscles and showing their love for vegan diets, you can join the list of game changers. If you need some fuel for your next gold medal workout, make sure to order our 8-pack of Lemon Blueberry Donuts that are made with fresh blueberries. 


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