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Is Canned Fruit Healthy? - Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Is Canned Fruit Healthy?


Canned fruit is a convenient and budget-friendly way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals; but is it as healthy as fresh fruits? In this blog post, we'll explore the facts behind canned fruits and how they compare to their fresh counterparts.

Nutrient Content

When choosing canned fruits, always look for options that are unsweetened in order to avoid added sugar. The nutrient content between canned and fresh fruit becomes more complicated depending on the type of fruit being used. Generally speaking, however, canned fruits tend to have higher sodium levels than their fresh counterparts due to the addition of salt in the canning process. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing if consumed in moderation, you should be aware of this fact before purchasing them.

On the other hand, some canned fruits may contain more nutrients than their fresh equivalents due to their longer shelf life which allows them time to absorb additional vitamins and minerals from the canned syrup or juice they're stored in. Additionally, they provide a great source of essential minerals such as iron and calcium which can help with energy levels and bone health.

Price Comparison

The price difference between cans fruit vs fresh is typically quite apparent - with canned versions often being cheaper due to factors such as storage costs, packaging materials and transportation costs being eliminated with canning. This makes them an attractive option for those looking for ways to save money without compromising on nutrition or flavour.

Taste & Texture

When comparing the taste and texture between canned vs fresh fruit it's important to consider factors such as how long it's been sitting in water or syrup (which will affect its sweetness) or how ripe it was when chopped up for canning (which will affect its texture). Generally speaking though, most people agree that either overripe/stale fruits make excellent candidates for canning due to their natural sweetness while fresher produce tends to fare better when enjoyed raw or lightly cooked/steamed if desired.

Overall, there are pros and cons when it comes to both types of fruit so it’s important that you consider all aspects before making your decision on what type you would like to consume - but ultimately it’s up you! Choose what works best for your tastes palette and budget at any given moment; just make sure you read labels carefully before buying so that you know exactly what ingredients have been added.

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