How To Deal With Meat-Eating Friends as a Vegan

Making the decision to transition to a vegan diet can be a difficult process, especially if you have friends who are not vegan. This can be challenging because social occasions often involve eating out and it can become uncomfortable when everyone else at the table is eating meat or dairy dishes.

Fortunately, there are ways to handle this situation without causing tension or putting your veganism in jeopardy. Here are some tips for dealing with meat-eating friends as a vegan:

  • Be Understanding: Being understanding of other people’s dietary choices is key. It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences and that it’s okay for them to eat something that you choose not to. Showing respect towards their decisions will go a long way in keeping the peace.
  • Offer Suggestions: If your friends are open to suggestions, offer them alternatives that fit within your dietary restrictions. Restaurants these days often have good vegan options, and suggesting a place you’re familiar with beforehand could make the whole experience smoother for all involved.
  • Bring Your Own Dish: If going out isn't an option, invite your friends over for dinner and prepare an alternative dish for yourself such as vegan pizza or spaghetti bolognese with plant-based mince. That way everyone gets something they like!

These tips may help make dealing with meat-eating friends easier while allowing you to maintain your vegan lifestyle. Remember, being respectful and offering suggestions are the best ways to create an enjoyable experience no matter what anyone's dietary preferences are!


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