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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sustainable Caterer for Your Company’s Next Event - Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sustainable Caterer for Your Company’s Next Event


Organizing corporate events and scheduling large meetings is no easy task. However, the choices that you make with each detail will have a lasting effect on your attendees. There are more than a few reasons why you should select a sustainable caterer for your next event, but here are a few to consider:


Sending a Strong Message for Your Organization's Prioritization of Sustainability:

Choosing a sustainable caterer sends a powerful message that environmental responsibility is a priority for your organization. It reflects a commitment to making conscious choices that positively impact the planet.

Impressing Guests with Healthier Options:

Opting for a sustainable caterer allows you to impress your guests with healthier and inclusive meal options. Consideration for dietary restrictions becomes seamless, offering a menu that caters to various preferences and needs.

Supporting the Local Community and Economy:

Sustainable caterers often engage in community initiatives, supporting local gardens, food banks, and educational programs. Your choice contributes to the well-being of the local community and stimulates the local economy.

Reducing Your Eco-Footprint:

By choosing a sustainable caterer, you actively participate in reducing your event's ecological footprint. Sustainable practices in food production and service contribute to a healthier planet.

Delivering Quality Meals:

Sustainable caterers prioritize the use of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. This not only contributes to the freshness and deliciousness of the meals but also aligns with the ethical considerations of responsible sourcing.

Saving Money:

Sustainable catering practices, such as minimizing food waste and adopting eco-friendly packaging, can lead to cost savings in the long run. Choosing sustainability is not only responsible but also cost-effective.

So, you’re ready to find your next caterer? Let’s dive into our guide with  important considerations when making your selection:

Key Considerations When Choosing a Caterer

1. Pick a Catering Company that Gives Back

Does this company get involved in their community? Whether it be through a community garden, donating to food drives, or spreading awareness throughout the community, choosing a company that gives back is a crucial consideration. This shows their commitment to reducing their environmental impact and reaffirms their dedication to making the most sustainable choices as a catering company.

2. Packaging Practices

We all know the impact packaging has on our environment. When selecting a caterer, consider:

  • Materials Used: What materials are they selecting for packaging and transporting? Are they opting for compostable or recyclable materials?
  • Sourcing Methods: Where are they getting their packaging from?
  • Innovative Packaging: Are they limiting their package altogether in creative ways such as bulk packaging or reusable options?

Responsible choices in packaging go a long way in showcasing a caterer's commitment to sustainability.

3. Locality: Ingredients and Company

Choosing local should always be a go-to when purchasing anything, especially in catering.

  • Selecting a Local Caterer: Stimulates and supports the local economy while reducing emissions from transportation.
  • Incorporating Local Ingredients: Supports local farmers, reduces the need for long-distance transportation, and provides fresh, unique ingredients that showcase your area.

4. Inclusive Menu Offerings

Sustainable caterers often integrate various diets within their menus. Look for caterers offering:

  • Diversity: Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and vegan options.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensure dietary preferences are seamlessly incorporated, making all guests feel included.

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery is an excellent example of a company that promotes inclusivity. We offer delicious desserts that everyone will enjoy, whether they’re vegan or not. Finding a catering option that seamlessly incorporates diverse diets ensures your guests are comfortable and feel included.

5. Managing Food Waste

Avoid contributing to the estimated 80 million tons of food wasted in the US annually. Ask how your caterer handles food waste.

  • Plan for Uneaten Food: Inquire if the caterer has a plan for uneaten food, either through donation or composting.

6. Certifications: A Mark of Eco-Friendly Practices

Finding a certified company means you can be confident you’ve made a good choice for your catering company. Certifications like the Green Restaurant Association evaluate water efficiency, food waste management, recycling, etc. Visit Dine Green’s website to learn more about their evaluation process and to find certified restaurants and vendors.



Prioritizing sustainability in catering is not just a responsible choice; it's a commitment to a positive impact on the environment and a boost to your corporate reputation. Whether you're sending a powerful message about your organization's values, impressing guests with healthier options, supporting the local community, or actively reducing your eco-footprint, the benefits are far-reaching.

As you navigate the selection process for your next caterer, please consider the factors we’ve discussed in this guide. These considerations not only contribute to the success of your event but also help to create a more sustainable future.



Southern Roots Vegan Team

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