The Search for Plant-Based Recipes on the Rise


Allrecipes Vegetarian Chili



Are you following a vegan or vegetarian diet and tired of meatless Taco Tuesdays? You and many of your meatless friends are blowing up the internet looking for plant-based recipes. 

According to Allrecipes’ magazine, in a 2020 survey, 40 percent of Allrecipes cooks said they are eating meatless meals at least occasionally, and 1 in 10 said they had followed a vegetarian diet in the past year. At, plant-based recipes are popular. Searches for vegetarian recipes were up 33 percent in 2020. 

If you do a search on the word “vegan” in, over 1,500 recipes come up. Not bad! They have a yummy Vegan Faux Creamy Cheese sauce made out of a blend of navy beans, tahini, onion, almond milk and lemon juice. Or try their five-star Vegan Mushroom Risotto which is chock-full of mushroom flavor and vegetable stock. 

Interestingly the vegetarians have over 1,300 recipes to choose from, about 200 less than the vegans. We thought that the search word (vegetarian) would produce higher results due to all the cheese lovers. Some vegetarian fan favorites include the four-and-half star Easy Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna that’s loaded with ricotta and mozzarella. The Best Vegetarian Chili in the World is another favorite with over 2,200 ratings and five stars. 

We encourage you to submit your own vegan and vegetarian recipes to to give more resources to the meatless community and those trying plant-based. If you need a recipe, a great place to start is our new line of dry mixes that you can purchase on

If you like our Funfetti cake, or maybe our Chocolate Luxury Cake - it can now be a part of your kitchen too. Our dry mixes don't require our bakers to add eggs or milk like some other vegetarian brands. Just add your favorite vegan milk and you are ready to go! You could try a variety of recipe twists such as bananas and nuts in your pancake mix or add some fresh fruit to our cake mixes.


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