Testimonial - Encouraged to Visit Again!

We LOVE hearing from our customers. On a monthly basis, we try to feature some of our fan’s testimonials to show our appreciation for supporting us.
Mark K. recently ordered from us during the holiday rush and we are glad we exceeded his expectations. He said, “I ordered during the Thanksgiving onslaught and you were still able to make our treats. The donuts were easily my favorite as a non-vegan.  Texture to taste to packaging… all very good and it will encourage us to visit again, especially at Christmas when our vegans come home for the holidays.”
Thank you Mark and family for trying us out and sharing with other non-vegans that quality and taste doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not. We value our customer’s opinions and feedback. Please tell others on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, etc. what are some of your favorite items from Southern Roots Vegan Bakery.  
Reviews are the backbone of small businesses so we ask that you please leave us a review if we’ve made your day sweet! 


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