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Schools should have more plant based options - Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Schools should have more plant based options


Some schools have started to offer plant-based options in their cafeterias. This is a great thing because it helps students who are vegetarian or vegan and it supports environmental sustainability by reducing the resources used to produce meat products. Here’s why this should be something schools everywhere should do:

You’re probably wondering why schools should serve more plant based options, and it’s a good question.

Plant based options are healthier for you, the environment and more sustainable than animal products. They also happen to be better for the animals, which is never a bad thing. Plant-based foods are simply better from every angle you look at it!

Schools should serve more plant-based options because they are healthier for students. – Meat and dairy products contain high amounts of saturated fats, which are linked to heart disease and obesity. Vegetables do not contain any saturated fat at all!

Plant-based foods are healthier so schools should serve them.

They're also more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and affordable. In a world where childhood obesity is a serious concern, we must do our part to encourage kids to eat healthier. School lunches already account for about half of what children eat during the school week; if we're going to see real change in our food system at large, it needs to start at the beginning with our young ones!

The vegan option is healthy.

Let's say you're an elementary school teacher and you have a student who has a milk allergy. That can be really scary for them and their family, so you want to do everything in your power to make sure that child is taken care of. A lot of schools offer soy milk as an alternative for students with these kinds of allergies.

As far as health goes, plant-based foods are also lower in calories than animal products like cheese or chicken breast because they don't come from animals who need energy to move around all day long like we do! A vegan meal also contains more fiber than meat-based meals (which helps our digestive system work properly), more vitamins than meat-based meals (which helps our bodies stay healthy), less saturated fat than meat-based meals (which protects our heart), etcetera. There are plenty other reasons why vegan food options are better for the environment and society in general too!

It's good to encourage people to eat healthier food choices at school.

Schools should have more plant-based options because it’s good for students to eat healthier foods.

A better diet is linked to better cognitive function and improved mood, which are particularly important for teenagers who are still developing their brains and personalities. Studies show that high school students consume less than half of the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, which means that increasing access is key if we want our next generation to grow up healthy.

Adding plant-based options can also significantly reduce obesity rates in childhood populations, which could decrease risks associated with type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases later in life when these children become adults!

Vegan snacks are generally lower in calories than meaty ones so choosing them instead will help you feel full without feeling guilty afterwards!

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