Reducing Meat Can Help Save the Planet


Cleaner air was one of the remarkable things that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic as major cities went into quarantine.

As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA is hoping your eating habits can help reduce pollution on Earth. They launched the “Go Vegan for the Earth Day,” campaign to urge everyone to eat vegan for the day.

There are lots of ways to celebrate your “Go Vegan for the Earth Day” pledge! You can share fun facts with your friends and tell them that not eating a pound of beef saves more water than not showering for six months. And, every individual who eats vegan saves nearly 40 pounds of grain, and 30 square feet of forested land each day.

Choosing to eat less meat is a surefire way we can help ensure a sustainable future. Other ways to participate in Earth Day include using recycling programs in your community, supporting green businesses, and making one trip instead of multiple trips for shopping.

Did you know that beef produces about eight times more greenhouse-gas emissions than farmed fish or poultry, 12 times more than eggs, and even 25 times more than tofu?

Going completely vegan, vegetarian or plant-based may not be doable for you or your whole family, but you can incorporate Meatless Mondays or introduce just two days a week where your family goes without meat.

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