Putting Fruits and Veggies Back in Your Diet

Eating a vegan diet is easy nowadays with the abundance of ready-to-make products available at our fingertips. It actually takes some work putting veggies and fruits in a busy vegan lifestyle. 

With working from home and teaching kids, who has time to whip up salads or flavorful veggie bowls you see on cooking shows and websites? 

Here are some quick tips to bring those plants back into your diet. 

Power Slaws

The problem with frozen veggies is they often lose that crispness when cooking. Most grocery stores now have these power slaws (like coleslaw) that combine shredded cabbage and other greens. These are easy to stir fry into rice or noodles. It also bulks up the meals to make you feel full faster.


Don’t you often find yourself buying bags of apples, oranges or bananas to realize it’s still sitting on the counter after several days? Put them in the blender with some soy or pea protein and some almond milk and this is a quick way to get all your fruits in one sitting. You also won’t have to feel guilty about throwing anything away. 


All you need is some vegan bread, hummus, cucumbers, olives and bagged spinach and bam - you have a tasty Mediterranean-style sandwich! Other quick sandwich ingredients are avocado and chickpeas. Here’s a quick video recipe from the SweetPotatoSoul.com that quickly shows you how to make an avocado and chickpea sandwich. 


Think like a kid! Yummy snacks that both you or your family may like are carrots and celery sticks with some almond butter, apples and caramel sauce, or banana slices on bread and peanut butter. 

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