Podcast: Squashing The Myths

There’s so many opinions going around about how hard it is to go vegan and cut things out of your diet. Today, I’m going to break down some of those for you. Be ready to take some notes, because I’ll be tossing out some recipes!

First up, dairy. Remember all the “Got Milk?” ads when we were kids? Did you ever wonder why so many kids are always bloated and gassy with stomach aches? Bingo! There are plenty of other ways to get enough calcium, like kale, collard greens, and chia seeds. Feel free to experiment and find which plant-based milks work best for you. Personally, I like the extra creamy oat milk.

Next, it’s too expensive. Are there some vegan foods that are expensive? Yes. Are there some non-vegan foods that are expensive? Yes. People pay for what they want to pay for. The great thing is that more people want vegan food options so the demand is rising and that helps drive prices down. Many people starting out with a vegan diet look for the meat replacements, but there are plenty of ways to use vegetables like mushrooms in the same way you would use meat.

Have you heard anyone tell you that vegan food doesn’t taste good? Why wouldn’t you use seasonings like you always did? What about protein? Beans are a great way to get your protein in, also soy, peas, broccoli spinach, nuts, and tofu.

Some of my favorite brands are Impossible Meat, Thai Kitchen, Nature’s Charm, and Beyond Sausage.


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