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Plant-Based Burgers Bring Excitement on ABC’s Shark Tank

Plant-Based Burgers Bring Excitement on ABC’s Shark Tank


Every week we scour the website and headlines to bring you interesting vegan-related news. We found this company and said Whoa! We have to bring this to our readers. 

Black-owned firm Everything Legendary recently landed a $300,000 deal on Shark Tank with billionaire Mark Cuban who agreed to 22% equity in return. Everything Legendary is a new plant-based burger business giving Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods a run for their money. 

The company is in about 1,000 stores and venues across the U.S. including Target, Whole Foods and the Washington NFL team’s FedEx stadium. That’s amazing for a company that started in 2019 looking for a better plant-based burger that is free of artificial preservatives, has no GMOs, and contains no soy.

Like Southern Roots Vegan Bakery, we have something in common - our moms, which was the inspiration for our own company. Everything Legendary CEO Duane Cheers said their company was too inspired by their mothers – aka The Legends. Cheers’ mother Darlene is a vegan living with lupus, and President Danita Claytor’s mom Honey was battling cancer at the time. Both mothers were searching for healthy food that actually tasted good, and their kids were determined to make that happen. If their moms wouldn’t eat bland, unhealthy food, they decided no one else should either.

Cheers and Claytor teamed up with their now partner and chef, Jumoke Jackson, and the Washington D.C. company began a grassroots guerilla marketing effort to lead them to their current “crossover” success with vegans, flexitarians, and food connoisseurs.

We have yet to taste this burger, but are excited for the owners who are out there grinding to get their products in consumers hands at festivals, pop-up markets and events (we know the hustle). When the trio appeared on the show in February, the company sold $250,000 worth of burgers online within 24 hours of the episode which aired Feb. 26, according to Black Enterprise. They also have ground plant-based meat that they also sale on their website. 

Their energy on ABC’s Shark Tank was off the charts and motivational. Claytor said on the show before her mom passed away from cancer she told her they would be on Shark Tank while they were both watching an episode in the hospital.

Host Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, also said on the show “this is the best burger that I ever had that’s plant based.”

Cheers said at the end of their segment “Believe in your dreams. They will tell you no a million and one times but keep going. We have been broke broke!”


Please share with your friends and family that once they try Southern Roots baked goods, they will think this is “so good, you won’t believe it’s vegan.” Follow us on social and tag us at @SouthernRootsBiz.

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