New Survey Finds Vegans Happier

"Don't Worry, Be Happy," should be the theme song for vegans. In a new survey by Tracking Happiness, they found that vegans reported to be more happier than their meat-eating counterparts. 

Their large-scale study of 11,537 respondents in the U.S. found:

  • Vegans report higher happiness levels than meat-eaters (+7%).

  • Happier people are more likely to turn 100% vegan in the future.

  • Only 14% of the meat-eating respondents reported a negative bias towards vegans. Non-vegans aren’t nearly as opposed to veganism as the stereotypes suggest.

  • 32% of vegans & vegetarians state that their biggest driver is the environment.

On a scale of 1 to 10, happiness varied depending on one's diet:

  • Vegans: 7.27

  • Vegetarians: 7.31

  • Pescatarians: 6.99

  • Meat-eaters: 6.80

  • Total average: 6.90

Two other interesting findings from the survey included happier people are more likely to turn 100% vegan in the future, and older people are less likely to ever adopt a vegan diet. 

Tracking Happiness was started in 2017 as a way to help people track their happiness. They publish articles on happiness topics with actionable tips to help people use right away.

Francine Jordan, a spokeswoman for the Vegan Society said, "We’re not surprised by these findings at all. We know that the image of veganism is undergoing the most radical change in its history, while shedding some tired, old stereotypes. It’s no longer portrayed as an unusual lifestyle, it’s easy and accessible – you can walk into any supermarket and be greeted by a huge range of plant-based products or walk into any restaurant and be presented with an exciting vegan menu. There has never been a better time to be vegan and it’s great to see that vegans are much happier too!"


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