More Studies Show Plant-Based Diets Reduces Inflammation

A recent study that took 44 adults who were previously diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis pain were put on a vegan diet for a month and were also asked to eliminate inflammation-trigger foods. 

“Some of our study participants, when they entered the study, were not even able to tie their shoelaces,” said Dr. Hana Kahleova, director of clinical research for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, in a U.S. News article. “And just a few weeks into the study, they were able to do everyday activities (as someone without RA would). So, that was a huge improvement in the quality of their life.”

Inflammation-trigger foods include red meat, margarine, sodas and fried foods. 

According to Web MD, inflammation can be either short-lived (acute) or long-lasting (chronic). Acute inflammation goes away within hours or days. Chronic inflammation can last months or years. Some types of arthritis are the result of inflammation and conditions linked to chronic inflammation include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and asthma.

Also according to a 2019 review by PCRM in the Frontiers in Nutrition journal, it said studies have shown that excessive body weight and diets that include animal products (e.g., dairy, red meat) exacerbate the RA symptoms likely due to their pro-inflammatory effects.

The review added that in contrast, diets rich in vegetables, fruits, and fiber are associated with lower BMI, have anti-inflammatory properties and help reduce pain and inflammation in these patients. 

All this recent evidence is another sign that reducing meat in one's diet has many positive effects!


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