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Misconceptions of Being on a Vegan Diet

Misconceptions of Being on a Vegan Diet


Have you wanted to try a vegan diet but were afraid of the limitations or rumors you heard about vegans? 

Truth be told being on a plant-based diet is not the same as being a vegan 20 years ago. Restaurants to grocery stores are now proudly showing that “V” symbol, which represents that the food doesn’t have any dairy or meat. 

We’ve dispelled some common misconceptions to free you to try a plant-based diet. This month is also a good time to start since it's Veganuary, which a nonprofit started to inspire and support more than one million people in 192 countries to try a vegan diet.

Lack of Protein 

As a vegan, you will have the opportunity to diversify your diet with different macronurities from carbs, proteins to fats. Eating a plant-based diet is not the same as being on a keto diet since many of your protein sources will come from beans, nuts, grains that are in high protein, but also contain healthy carbs and tons of fiber. As a vegan, you can’t be afraid to eat carbs which your body needs to keep it functioning at top level. It’s also not realistic to eat long term on a diet that lacks healthy carbs. 

Many athletes also have been getting their feet wet in plant-based diets and have seen improvements in their performance, which proves they see the value of eating vegan instead of solely focusing on high protein. 

But Don’t You Need Milk for Calcium?

With so many people with milk allergies and lactose intolerant, you would have thought this misconception would be long gone. No, calcium is not just in milk. You can find calcium in almonds, tofu and edamame, and beans. Also today many foods are fortified with supplements and many of the alternative milks you see in the store, such as almond, oat or soy milk are fortified with vitamins D and of course calcium. 

Who Wants To Eat Plants All Day Long?

Again the plant-based diet is not the same as it used to be. With the evolution of alternative meats, you could easily eat tasty vegan burgers all day long. It’s probably harder today than it was 10 to 20 years ago to fit more fruits and veggies in your diet - even on a plant-based diet when there are so many packaged and quick-serve choices. 

My Family Will Think I’m Weird?

Plant-based diets have actually been gaining ground in minority communities with the help of celebrities and celebrities shedding light on it. A Pew Research Center survey in 2016 said 8% of Black Americans are strict vegans or vegetarian versus just 3% of the general population. Also another Gallup poll in 2020 said that 31% of non-white Americans reduced their meat consumption the past year, compared to 19% of white Americans. 

With rates like that, why not start the year off right and encourage your family and friends to reduce eating meat to just a few days a week. You could even convince them how tasty a vegan diet can be with Southern Roots new eight-pack doughnuts. Make sure to follow us on social and tag us at @SouthernRootsBiz.

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