Last Minute Gifts? Help the Environment. Get a Gift Card

Still needing gifts for family and friends and you are not sure if they need another pair of skid-resistant socks or a colorful necktie? We have a better idea - just send them a Southern Roots Virtual Gift Card! 
And the best part is we will be offering a $10 gift card for gift card orders over $75 and $5 for gift cards under $75. 
Did you know that holiday gift returns are an environmental nightmare? According to a recent Fast Company article, it said shipping returned inventory across the US generates an estimated 15 million tons of carbon emissions every year, the equivalent of three million cars’ annual emissions. Retailers then dump about five million tons of the returned goods in the trash since this is often cheaper than trying to resell it. 
Many of these returns happen after the holidays since more than half of all consumers expect to return unwanted gifts within a month of receiving them. In 2020, USPS processed an estimated 1.9 million returns just on Jan. 2.
So help the planet out a little and instead give one of our gift cards. You can purchase our gift cards here.


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