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Join VP Kamala Harris. Dabble in Veganism!

Join VP Kamala Harris. Dabble in Veganism!


Are you dabbling in veganism? Well the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is and she made headlines for recently visiting a vegan taco shop in Las Vegas. 

Harris went to Tacotarian from a recommendation from colleague Senator Cory Booker, who has been a vegan since 2014. 

Tacotarian Co-Founder Kristen Corral told VegNews, “We can’t believe it. We were just here like any day and someone came up and said they were with the White House and that the Vice President was on her way here to pick up some food to go. It all happened so fast.”

Tacotarian, which opened its first location in Las Vegas in 2019, is known for its innovative approach to Mexican cuisine. 

While Kamala Harris is not vegan, she said at her Tacotarian visit that she was reducing the amount of animal products in her diet and she was “dabbling in veganism and she said she was doing vegan before 6pm.”

At a CNN town hall in 2019, Harris said in response to a question about dietary guidelines that incentives could be created to eat more healthy and we need to look at the effects our eating habits have on our environment. 

Also in December 2020, JIVINITI Women’s Coalition—a group of organizations composed mostly of women of color—challenged Harris to go vegan for the month of January.

JIVINITI also wrote an open letter to the new administration suggesting to deindustrialize animal production and consumption; switch to vaccine research methods that do not involve animal testing; and introduce nutrition guidance which centers on whole food.

It’s too early to tell if JIVINITI’s efforts changed the perspectives at the White House, but it was a good sign for the vegan world when the Vice President walked into one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Sin City. 

We challenge our readers to “dabble” in veganism. It’s not that hard anymore ...swap out your whey protein shake for a plant-based one. Make your Taco Tuesday night meatless, or just like the Vice President, vow to eat plant-based before 6 pm. 

We can make your “dabbling” a little easier as well. If you are looking for some sweet treats, make sure to check out our buttery yeast vegan cinnamon rolls. Drizzled with our signature Southern Roots Vegan Bakery icing, you can get free shipping on Mondays if you order a half dozen. 


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