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How the Dairy Industry Designs Misleading Studies - Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

How the Dairy Industry Designs Misleading Studies


It’s no secret that the dairy industry is a powerful business, and it has a vested interest in promoting its products. One of the ways it does this is through studies which are often designed to put dairy products in a favorable light. Despite this, it’s important to be aware of how these studies may be misleading and understand why they should not always be trusted as fact.

Cherry Picking Results

One way that studies can be misleading is by cherry picking results which show dairy products in a positive light while disregarding any contradictory findings - something which can make it difficult to get an accurate picture of the actual effects behind certain products. For example, research on soy milk which was funded by the dairy industry has been selectively interpreted to make it seem as though cow’s milk is superior - when in reality, other studies have found no marked differences between plant-based milks and animal-based milks for long-term health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes risk factors.

Aggregated Data

Another potential issue with industry-funded research is that the data may have been aggregated from multiple sources, making it difficult to verify accuracy or draw meaningful comparisons between different types of products. This can lead to unintended and inaccurate conclusions being drawn from what might otherwise appear to be sound scientific evidence.

Unfavorable Outcomes Ignored

Another common tactic used by the dairy industry when designing research is ignoring any unfavorable outcomes while reporting solely on those that are beneficial for their cause; this kind of selective reporting gives people an inaccurate understanding of what research really says and encourages them to put more trust in industry-funded studies than independent ones.

Ultimately, whenever you come across any type of study - whether it's funded by the dairy industry or not - it's important to read it with a critical eye and look at all possible interpretations before reaching any conclusions; don't just accept everything you read at face value!

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