Flexitarians Driving Up Vegan Sales. Try Reducing Meat in 2022!

Eating less meat is on the rise. In fact, Whole Foods recently said that many Americans hosted guests that followed special diets which included vegetarians/vegans. What used to be your weird aunt who was the vegan and mom prepared something special for her is now commonplace in many households.

Many restaurants and bakeries like us that offer vegan and vegetarian options saw increases in orders over the previous year. People who consume meat just a few times a week (flexitarians) are also driving the sales of plant-based foods.

With meat prices on the rise, are you considering eating less meat in 2022? Here are some tips to incorporate more meatless options.


  1. Meatless Taco Tuesdays - Black beans are one of the highest protein sources when it comes to beans and make a great base instead of ground beef for tostadas, loaded with avocado and salsa. Yummy!
  1. Restaurant Vegetarian Options - Most restaurants have vegetarian options, such as veggie patties for burgers. This is a great way to try vegetarian dishes since typically the restaurant options are a bit “tastier” than our home versions. 
  2. Baked goods - Most cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts and pies can now be made with vegan ingredients. Learning how to bake vegan can save you money on buying eggs. 
If you are looking for some easy dishes that allow you to flex your vegan skills, check out these recipes. To learn more about the plant-based lifestyle, check our blog here.


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