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Enhancing Your Company's Image: The Power of Gifting Vegan

Enhancing Your Company's Image: The Power of Gifting Vegan


Incorporating vegan gifts into your company's gifting strategy is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and sustainability to your employees and your clients. The global vegan food market is projected to increase by $16.6 million, reflecting a significant shift towards plant-based choices. As interest in veganism continues to grow for various reasons, it becomes crucial to be mindful of this trend and support those individuals within your company who align with these values, and potentially spread awareness for sustainability throughout your company. 

Today we’re sharing how the thoughtful act of gifting vegan and sustainable products can not only align your company with the values of a burgeoning demographic of plant-based consumers but also contribute to enhancing your overall corporate image. We’ll also share a list of vegan and sustainable gifting ideas for clients and employees. 


Environmental Impact and Veganism

Plant-based choices are closely related to sustainability and a large reason why people decide to become vegan. Becoming vegan averages about 75% less use of climate heating emissions in comparison to meat-rich diets. Plant-based (therefore sustainable) gifting, promotes inclusivity while also alluding to your company’s care of the planet and life. Here’s how: 

Conservation of Resources:

Vegan and sustainable gifts often require fewer natural resources, contributing to resource efficiency and conservation. Opting for gifts made from renewable or recycled materials further minimizes environmental impact.

Waste Reduction:

Sustainable gifts focus on durability and recyclability, reducing waste generation. Vegan consumables, with shorter supply chains, contribute to less waste compared to non-vegan alternatives.

Promotion of Ethical Practices:

Many vegan products adhere to ethical production standards, promoting fair treatment of workers and cruelty-free practices. By aligning with ethical principles, your company supports human rights and the humane treatment of animals.

Gifting Vegan

Vegan and sustainable gifting choices are great for anyone, no matter the lifestyle, and will make an impressive impression on clients and employees alike. It shows the company is progressive, conscious of the choices it makes regarding the planet and society, and pushing to be inclusive of all individuals. 

Here are some examples of vegan gifts for employees and clients that will truly impress: 

Self Care 

Self-care should be important to everyone, remind your clients and employees of that with luxurious self-care products. Shop local if you have a business in your area that makes handmade and vegan soaps, cleansers, etc. A brand we love is Ethique, which offers vegan and cruelty-free and plastic-free hair care, skincare, and body care!



Southern Roots Vegan Bakery - We’re a black and woman-owned company that offers a wide range of delicious vegan desserts including cupcakes, cookies, and donuts. We take pride in our Southern-inspired recipes and our ability to impress vegans and non-vegans alike. We offer corporate packages so any company can purchase gifts that will please everyone. We also ship nationwide! 

Reusable Products 

Branded or customized items that promote a low-waste lifestyle are awesome gifts for employees and your clients alike. Reusable water bottles or tote bags are great gifts that can also help to influence your recipient's actions in their own lives! 

Luxury Items 

You can still gift luxury vegan items that will wow your clients (or lucky employees!) There are several leather alternatives on the market, that offer beautiful gifts like wallets, keychains, decor, etc while being cruelty-free! Alternative leather is very similar to the real thing and promotes an easier-on-the-planet material when opposed to cows. Check out brands like Clae (cactus leather shoes), 42 Birds (cork yoga mats and accessories), and Vegan Leather Co which offers several products made from several leather alternatives!



Gifting vegan products is a powerful way to enhance your company's image and reputation with your clients and team. By choosing inclusivity and sustainability, you not only meet the demands of a growing market but also contribute to a healthier planet. We hope choosing vegan and sustainable products becomes a staple in your company’s gifting strategy.

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