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Creative and Easy DIY Date Night Ideas to Try This Valentine’s Day

Creative and Easy DIY Date Night Ideas to Try This Valentine’s Day


It’s February first and you know what that means: It’s the time to celebrate all things love! Skip the stuffy restaurant reservations, and plan a creative date night that will wow your partner (or pal!). It’s time to celebrate love, and Southern Roots has you covered this year! 

We’ve rounded up 6 (and maybe a few more 😉) creative and easy DIY Date Night Ideas that hopefully will inspire your plans for February 14th this year! 


Date Idea #1: Painting and Ordering Dinner In


Combine creativity with deliciousness by having a painting night at home while ordering dinner. Your masterpieces don’t have to break the bank either, with a whole kit on Amazon for less than $20! (Or the dollar store usually carries art supplies as well, in a pinch)

  You can spice up this experience with these few suggestions:

  • Switch Canvases: Set a timer for every 10 minutes and switch canvases. See how your combined artwork turns out in the end!
  • Object Drawing Challenge: Take turns giving each other an object to incorporate into your paintings. It adds an element of surprise and creativity.
  • Blindfolded Painting: Amp up the fun by attempting to paint while blindfolded. It's a hilarious and memorable way to create unique masterpieces.



Date Idea #2: Homemade Candlelit Dinner with a Twist!


Ignite the flames of creativity while enjoying a homemade candlelit dinner. Cooking together is not just about preparing a meal; it's an opportunity to bond and have fun. Here's how to make it more exciting:

  • Special Menu Planning: Enjoy the date night from start to finish by planning a menu that excites you! Choose dishes that emulate dishes from your favorite restaurants or try cooking a new cuisine or dish!
  • Dynamic Roles: Add an element of surprise by switching roles every 10 minutes. Watch how the kitchen dynamics evolve, turning your cooking session into a playful culinary dance.
  • A Journey Abroad: If you’re cooking a meal inspired by a specific culture or place, search for your location with the words “walking tour” on YouTube to take a mini vacation right at home! 

Leave the dessert to us! Order a gourmet vegan dessert at to reward yourselves for all of that hard work in the kitchen! (We can also now be found in some Sprouts stores across Texas and California if you want a last-minute treat!) 



Date Idea #3: Movie Night In Your At-Home Cozy Cinema 


Transform your living space into a cozy cinema for an intimate movie night. It's more than just picking a film – make it a truly romantic experience:

  • Romantic Movie Selection: Choose a romantic movie with special meaning for both of you or explore a new one together.
  • Comfy Cinema Setup: Create a nest of comfort on the floor with plush blankets and pillows, giving your living room a cinema-style ambiance.
  • Don’t Forget the Snacks!: A quick trip to the store can get you all of your theater faves at home! Make sure to get the popcorn, and for an extra sweet touch, get red and pink candies and treats and put them in a cute display like shows here! 



Date Idea #4: DIY Spa Day - Unwind and Reconnect


Enjoy a spa day at home, creating an oasis of relaxation and connection:

  • DIY Spa Station: Designate a calming space with candles, soothing music, and essential oils. Set the mood for tranquility.
  • Massage Exchange: Take turns giving each other relaxing massages. Use scented oils to enhance the experience and melt away the day’s stress.
  • Natural Face Masks: Raid your kitchen for natural ingredients and whip up DIY face masks. Enjoy a pampering session, nourishing your skin with homemade goodness.



Date Idea #5: Game Night! Where Fun Meets Competition


Bring out your competitive sides with a thrilling games night. Make it a playful and entertaining evening:

  • Game Selection: Choose your favorite board games or video games. Opt for ones that ignite friendly competition or encourage teamwork!
  • Raise the Stakes: Create low-pressure bets for the winners of each game! Make them fun and low stakes so you can continue to enjoy the evening - winning or losing! 
  • Make it a Double!: Game nights are a perfect double or even triple date night activity! Invite your friends or other couples to join in on the fun! 



Date Idea #6: Wine and Dine Night 


Embark on a sensory journey with a delightful wine and food pairing night, adding a touch of whimsy:

  • Create Your Own: Use guides like Winefolly’s “DIY Food and Wine Pairing Experiment” or Market at Shrewsbury’s “Dinner Hosting 101” to inspire a fun menu based on your dietary preferences! 
  • Silly Photo Shoot Interlude: Lighten the mood with a silly photo shoot between sips and bites. Create lasting memories with fun and joyous moments that reflect your unique connection.



We found so many great ideas, we wanted to include some more! 

Paint-And-Sip Night

Explore your creative sides with a paint-and-sip night at home. Follow online tutorials, gather painting supplies, and start sipping on whatever you’d like! This can be a great family or Galentine's Day idea.

Candlelit Takeout Night

Get dressed, order takeout from your favorite restaurant, and set a romantic ambiance with candles and formal tableware.

Dream Vacation Planning

Rediscover the joy of dreaming together. Spend the evening planning your dream vacation and rekindle the excitement of shared aspirations.



Valentine's Day is about celebrating love your way. These DIY date night ideas blend fun, romance, and creativity, and are super customizable, ensuring a memorable and meaningful celebration. So, prepare to make this Valentine's Day special with these ideas from your friends at Southern Roots Vegan Bakery!

I know we’re a few weeks away but we hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day! 💝

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