Can Abstaining from Milk Prevent Certain Cancers?

Can certain hormones in foods and medications increase the risk of cancer? It seems more and more evidence is pointing to a connection. 

Just recently, VegNews magazine reported "Men who regularly consume dairy, particularly milk, compared to those who abstain from it, could be at approximately a 60-percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer, according to a new study."

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in US males. According to WebMD, about one man in nine will be diagnosed with it during their lifetime, but only one in 39 will die of this disease. Also prostate cancer happens about 60% more often in African-American men than in white American men.

Japanese and African men living in their native countries have low rates of prostate cancer, said WebMD. Numbers for these groups rise sharply when the men immigrate to the U.S. The disease is more common in countries where meat and dairy products make up a lot of the diet, compared to those in which the basic diet consists of rice, soybean products, and vegetables.

Back to the VegNews article - it said researchers monitored the health of 28,737 Seventh-day Adventist men in the US and Canada since 2001. The study found that men who consumed 430 grams of dairy per day (which equates to 1¾ cups of milk) faced a 25-percent increased risk of prostate cancer compared to men who consumed 20.2 grams of dairy per day (or about ½ cup of milk per week). When the highest dairy intake group was compared to the men who consumed zero dairy, the cancer risk was much higher. 

A similar study in 2020 examined the connection between breast cancer and dairy intake in women and found similar results. 

All this old and new evidence makes a tall glass of oat milk seem really tasty!


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