Can a Plant-Based Diet Help You Live Longer?

A recent study said there’s now proof of it. Researchers said consuming a plant-based diet, especially early in life, has been linked to prolonging an individual’s life by up to 10 years, according to a study recently published in the journal PLOS Medicine. 

The researchers created a computer model to determine the difference in life expectancy of people consuming a typical Western diet compared to an “optimal” diet (whole grains, vegetables, legumes, less processed and red meat). They found maintaining a more plant-based diet - starting at age 20 - can increase mortality up to 10.7 years or almost 11 years for US women and almost 13 years for US men. The study also says switching to a better diet later in life also can increase life expectancy for another several years.

Diets that are high in animal products have been linked to increasing the risk of illness such as heart disease - the world’s leading cause of death. For African Americans, the leading causes of death over the last few years have been heart disease, cancer and COVID. 

A 2013 Adventist Health study also showed that Black vegans and vegetarians have 44% lower odds of hypertension than Black omnivores; have 50% lower risk of high cholesterol than Black meat eaters; and have a 43% lower risk of obesity than Black omnivores.

Maybe it’s time to give a plant-based diet a try to live a little longer!


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