Are Vegetarian Diets Good for Children?

The growth of the plant-based industry has been fueled in large part by younger consumers, such as millennials and the Gen-Z'ers. So as these groups start to age and raise their children on vegetarian diets - will grandparents being raising an eyebrow that the grandkids are not getting proper nutrition?

According to a recent article in VegNews, a new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics reported that children who don’t eat meat have similar growth and nutrition levels as children who do.

The researchers said children who followed a vegetarian diet had similar mean body mass index (BMI), height, iron, vitamin D, and cholesterol levels compared to those who consumed meat. The findings from the survey also showed evidence that children with a vegetarian diet had higher odds of being underweight, which is defined as below the third percentile for BMI. However, there was no evidence of an association with overweight or obesity—which can come with a host of health problems.

The VegNews article, said “Plant-based dietary patterns are recognized as a healthy eating pattern due to increased intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains, and reduced saturated fat; however, few studies have evaluated the impact of vegetarian diets on childhood growth and nutritional status,” according to Dr. Maguire, who is also a scientist at MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital.”

While the study didn’t examine children on vegan diets (sans dairy and fish), the good news there’s a plethora of new plant-based products on the market that makes vegan food tastier and easier to consume.

So if the grandparents are doubting the family's vegan diet, it's time to invite the Baby Boomers to a family meal with a plant-based menu so they can taste how good it can be!


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