Apple Turnovers (6)

  • $30.00
Don't forget these...


Turn down for what? We can't resist our buttery, flaky apple turnovers. Each puff pastry is the right amount of crispy with our signature apple filling, made with real fruit. They are great for breakfast or an office meeting but who are we kidding they are great for anytime! Enjoy a 6 pack of apple turnovers. They are all individually wrapped and sealed so you can pop them right in the freezer...if you can hold out that long.


Note: All of our baked goods are vegan friendly, which means no dairy, eggs or animal products. Other great stuff you will find in our baked goods - No nuts and No fake ingredients. Our donuts come in heat-sealed packages to preserve freshness. Our baked goods can be frozen for up to 3 months in original packaging, and are perfect for vegan and plant-based diets or anyone wanting healthier alternatives.