Corporate Catering Bundles

No matter what the celebration -  whether it’s a birthday or corporate event (virtual or in person)  - WE got you covered! Our catering can fill the need for a variety of events from corporate parties, co-worker celebrations or milestones, hospital staff appreciations and more! 
Instead of giving your Employee of the Month a certificate, give them a box of Southern Roots Chocolate Chip Cookies. Your vegetarian and vegan employees will also appreciate that you considered their dietary preferences by ordering our vegan treats for your catered functions. 
Some of the events we have catered: 
Museum Gala Opening
Wedding Receptions
Hospital Staff Breakrooms
Virtual Baby Showers
Birthday Party
Church Functions
PTA Events
Open Houses
All of our baked goods are vegan friendly, which means no dairy, eggs or animal products. Other great stuff you will find in our baked goods - No nuts and No fake ingredients. Most of our treats come in heat-sealed packages to preserve freshness and can be frozen for up to 3 months in original packaging. Our products are great for vegan and plant-based diets or anyone wanting healthier alternatives. 
Send us an email at and tell us how we can help you with catering and corporate orders if you want different options from the ones listed below. We can also provide wholesale pricing for bulk orders and customize gift cards that come in our catering bundles. 

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